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                Hello! Welcome to the machine expert - "HongXin Machine" the official website!  
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                • Customers-Xi'an Shiyou University
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                • Customers-Shifeng Group
                • Customers-中鐵四局
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                3 Coordinate CNC
                TGK25 NC-based dee
                T21100 heavy deep
                T2180 heavy deep h
                Deep hole boring m
                Success Case

                Our CNC CMM to Hubei Dongfeng Dana Axle deep hole drilling production company for the development of automobile industry provides a precise protection.
                Xi'an University of Petroleum and purchase our ZK2103 * 1.5m CNC deep hole drilling, T2120 * 3m deep hole boring machine as a teaching and laboratory equipment My company and the China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (388 state-owned factory) to establish a long-term relationship, the company's ten devices provide a strong guarantee for the development of the company's shipbuilding industry.
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